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Paddle board rentals

We have two options for people who want to rent paddle boards. The beauty of renting a SUP board from us is that we have a variety of styles and sizes available. We use the best equipment and will always match you with what is most suitable for you. You can see what works best for you and is perfect to try before you buy your own board. 


We also have a Mega SUP available. This is a gigantic multi person paddle board. It allows up to 7 people and just what you need to have loads of fun with your friends or family!


Option 1 (on site rental)

Our on site rentals take place in Malahide estuary. You must have completed a lesson with our school to be eligible to apply for board rentals. Board rentals take place on and off-site basis. We also facilitate rentals on a daily basis so you can explore beyond Dublin.

Option 2 (off site rental)


Rent a SUP and take it on your own adventure!

- Free safety briefing, tuition, where and when to go included.

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(on site rental)

Individual board (1 person)

€20 per hour

€10 per additional hour

Mega board (max 7 person)

€70 per hour

€30 per additional hour

(OFF site rental)

Individual board (1 person)

€50 per day

€10 per additional day

Mega board (max 7 person)

€125 per day

€30 per additional day


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