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Complaints Proceedure


The ASI Accredited School is committed to effectively, efficiently, promptly and fairly handling all complaints about its services and products.


Any complaint will be treated seriously, investigated thoroughly and dealt with according to the merit of the complaint. 


The circumstances and results of any complaint investigation will be analysed thoroughly by senior management and acted on appropriately so as to improve the relevant Sup Dublin functions and remove any grounds for future complaints.


Making Complaints


Clients may make a complaint by telephone or in writing to:


Alex Murphy at SUP Dublin

Phone: 087 621 3873                                     






The Director (Education) at the Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI) Head Office Australia

Phone: +61 2 9365 4170        

Recording and Resolution of the Complaint

·       Sup Dublin is notified of the complaint.

·       All complaints are recorded on the Client Complaint form 

·       Sup Dublin investigates the complaint.

·       Clients are notified in writing of the outcome of the complaint within 60 days from the time of receiving the complaint.

·       All complaint information is filed on the complaints file


Dissatisfied Outcome

·       Should the client not be satisfied, then the client can seek arbitration by a third party acceptable to all parties to the grievance. 

·       If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved within 60 days from the occurrence of the complaint, the client may request the Sup Dublin to seek the services of a third party. 

·       Arbitration will be undertaken when both Sup Dublin and the client agree on a third party. 

·       If the complaint/grievance is still unresolved, the client will be advised of external organisations of appeal.

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