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The most important step for anyone in watersports is to get a lesson prior to hitting the water. Even if you have ventured out already, expert guidance will get the most out of your experience. You will learn lots, you'll be safer and you'll progress much faster in doing so. If you haven't got a board it's a great opportunity to find out what you like and what's most suited to you before purchasing.


We have three different class types depending on what suits your needs. 


A one-to-one lesson is perfect for those of you who want to progress quickly and feel more comfortable in an individual setting. We can go through things at your own pace and focus on specific areas that are unique to you.

Private group

Private group sessions are perfect for friends or family that to experience a class together in the comfort of each others company. 

Public group

A public group is fantastic if you're someone who wants to try something different and you're friends aren't as adventurous. Don't worry you'll meet many like minded people! It's also suitable for tourists who might not have enough for a private group alone.

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